Kelsey Rose

Rochester Institute of Technology 2017


Who am I?

My name is Kelsey Howard, and I'm currently a third year graphic designer at Rochester Institute of Technology minoring in Advertising and Public Relations. I will graduate May 2017 with a Graphic Design BFA. Document design, information design, and typography are just a few of my creative passions. Crafting, eating, and binge watching Netflix are some of my other hobbies.

"Good Design is making something intelligible and memorable.
Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."
- Dieter Rams

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SEA Resturant

The goal of this project was to rebrand a "hidden gem" here in Rochester. We were to pick a local business that was not common or well known who was in need of a rebrand. My group picked SEA Restaurant, a local restaurant that offers customers high quality Vietnamese food at exteremly affordable prices.

We began by gathering information of SEA Resturant's cultural background, local competition, and main customer base. We were hoping to promote an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that stood out from the rest. We worked with their existing personality and brand material. After assessing what this business does well and where they could use improvement we redesigned their menu, designed them a website, and gave SEA Restaurant a social media presence.

SEA MoodBoards

SEA Presentation

Team member 1
Team member 1

Team member 1

Previously, SEA Restaurant was handing out their trifold takeout menu to customers who came in for a meal. We choose to redesign the menu experience to match the personality of the restaurant space. The menu is really your first glance and first impression of the food, because of this we wanted the menu to be refined much like the dishes.

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Cary Press

I am currently employeed at the RIT Press. Here I work on multiple document design projects. I have worked to make sure each document works with one another to create a cohesive design look and feel.

Scholarly Publishing

Author's Questionnaire

Author's Guide

Before I begin working at the RIT Press each document had its own design standards. I have worked with the Press's already established color pallette and typeface. I implented a grid system and a system for headers and subheads that can be used across all documents.

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Vignelli Center

This poster was created for the Vignelli Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

While designing this poster I kept in mind the design values of Massimo Vignelli. Those design values are structure, the grid, and functionality. I incorportated what I would argue was Massimo's most impressive piece, the subway map.

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The Conversation Has Started

Below is a poster I designed for the Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

The goal of this project was to design an eye catching bus stop poster that displayed easy to understand statistics. This poster focuses on the amount of calls to the Human Trafficking Resource Center in the United States vs the actual amount of human trafficking cases actually reported.

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Arcanum Wine

These designs were done for an internship I held at Deelightful Studios in Rochester, New York. These were twitter banner photos designed for Arcanum Wine. These images were posted while these wine was being shown during a wine festival in Italy. I tried to encomass the personality of the winery in these designs.

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La Jota Wine

These banners were also designed to be posted during the Italian Wine Festival. Arcanum Wine and La Jota Wine have two very different personalities and tastes. I believe I represented these throughout all of these designs.

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These designs fwere done for an internship I held at Deelightful Studios in Rochester, New York. Upscapes is a local landscaping company housed right outside of Rochester. These designed were featured on their social media through out the monts of July and August.

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Below are more examples of designs that were used. Upscapes had little to no social media presence or previous design style. Because of this I tried to create a familiar look and feel through out all of the social media posts I designed.

Team member 1
Team member 1